House of Suigeneris

Published: August 18, 2022
Suigeneris® represents more than a premium spirits brand; it's a branded house, which we like to refer to as the 'House of Suigeneris™'. Although, it is true that we only market Suigeneris spirits at the moment, we have liqueur brand Regin Amirūm® following its footpath soon. We are artistically minded and shall design new branded drinks over time, consistently favouring our pay-off: 'we redefine taste™'.

Suigeneris - The Golden Arch Distillery

Our Suigeneris® spirit drinks and Regin Amirūm® liqueurs are distilled in our own Golden Arch Distillery™, though in a separate part of the distillery then our other brand division Likeur en Jeneverfabriek Amsterdam™.

A'dam's Dutch Distillery

We like to relate Suigeneris®, House of Suigeneris™ and The Golden Arch Distillery™ also to the name: A’dam’s Dutch Distillery™. Obviously and logically we are as a craft distillery located in Amsterdam. It’s the major artistic and most creative centre of The Netherlands. Absolutely a sure shot and must-be-present for Suigeneris, which is intrinsically artistically driven.

Suigeneris E-shop and Physical Liquor Store

Suigeneris sells its premium spirits drinks mainly online, opening in November 2022. The reason why we actualise a physical store, is mostly due to juridical obligations. The Golden Arch Distillery started to design, produce and sell strong alcoholic beverages in our distillery to other businesses a long time ago. But today we are also fond of making our spirits available to our like-minded, kindred spirits and serve them directly via the Suigeneris e-shop. And in order to be allowed to do so, we ought to have a physical liquor store. A rule that the Dutch government enacts since 2021.

We redefine taste. Brands we can be referred to: Suigeneris®, House of Suigeneris,™ A'dams Dutch Distillery™, The Golden Arch Distillery™,

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