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We are Suigeneris, part of the Golden Arch Distillery and Likeur en Jeneverfabriek Amsterdam. We are steadily growing and have from time to time a need for new refreshing talent in operations, marketing and sales. If there is no vacancy under careers available that suits you at the moment, please contact us with an open application. Note: We can't promise you anything upfront via this open application procedure, but we can have a serious look at your motivation letter and resumé (CV).

Open application

We have profiled some open characteristics below; a person's default. If you resemble most of them, you will most likely succeed within our company Suigeneris if you were chosen. So that is definitely a sign to file an open application. We may be a great match, but please keep in mind we have more likeable applications. So please note: due to the amount of solicitors we can not always reply you. Though, we certainly do our best. Thank you for understanding.

Conditions at Suigeneris

At Suigeneris we have a very open-minded culture and embrace all variations of persons. We believe a great gender and cultural mixture strengthens our core. We work remote, hybrid and onsite, obviously depending on the type of function you portray within our organisation and the correlating responsibilities to it. Our remunerations are always market conform with a package of secondary benefits that shall please you.

Your expected default

Your are creative in mind with the in-depth of an amazing specialist.

You are a fast fetcher, a quick learner and rapid dot connector.

You can think strategically, as well as you can be hands-on. That mix is what excites you!

You like to grow with us together, committed to join the ride.

You can easily communicate with different types of persons from all sorts.

You can hold multiple projects in the air simultaneously without getting nerves.

You like to find new ways for keeping the company economically healthy and sustainable within ecological and social frames.

Want to work with us?

If our company Suigeneris appeals to you and you truly think you've got what it takes, we do love to hear from you regardless. We are always interested to speak with and consider new talent. Please send us a message, so we can take it from there.