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Published: August 8, 2022
Suigeneris likes, promotes and supports free and open minded places, most directly related to expressive and challenging arts in Europe. We' like our kindred drinkers to be thoughtful and inventive in life.

Bring it on

Whether its music, modern interactive art creations, haute couture fashion, video arts, modern abstract paintings or smart street art, we like it when the arts dare to speak up stimulating our ways of thinking or know how to expand our senses to new heights giving us glimpses of the future or reflections on our actions from the past. We intend to make a serie of inspiring places in Europe and start in The Netherlands, our backyard, part one.

Moco Museum

The Moco (Modern Contemporary) Museum represents an innovative concept within the realm of museums, inviting young generations to get to know art and the creators behind it.

Moco isn’t like any other museum. It’s a place where you can see art that represents the voice of the street and contemporary artists that young generations can identify with. Moco is always on the lookout for ways to cultivate its community and make it come to life vividly. Expect NFT art, abstract video and challenging street art. Besides being a place to view impressive artworks, Moco offers an experience in which you can fully immerse yourself. Especially the ‘Experience Rooms’ are interactive and unlike anything you’ve seen in a museum before.

While Moco started out as a museum without a permanent collection of its own, it has now evolved into an institution with a large and growing collection of contemporary art that include world-class names of 20th– and 21st-century art (such as Banksy and Dalí). The museum has been able to acquire many pieces through donations from artists and private collectors. This makes Moco not only a place to experience art, but also a place that is actively involved in the art world.

Moco's Success Story

What started out as a experiment has now turned into a global success story: Moco has spread its wings to different areas and opened museums in Amsterdam and Barcelona. The founders have been able to turn their dream into reality, and Moco has become an indispensable part of the contemporary art scene.

Part of Moco’s quick rise to fame has a lot to do with its bold approach to PR and branding. The recognisable pink posters with black print attract the eye of tourists and locals alike. No escape, leaving you nothing but triggered.

Suigeneris selects the Moco Museum as inspiring place to visit.

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